Alter & Go

Make your ill-fitting clothes into perfect fitting clothing at Alter & Go!

Our History

The owner used to work in a clothing factory and was in charge of sewing. She was known to have really good sewing skills. After she resigned, she started this home based alteration business called "Alter & Go".Some of her ex-colleagues found out this business of hers and decided to support her by introducing some customers to her.

Our goal

We strive to provide you with the best alteration service in Singapore!

Current state of the business

We're a home based company. We do not have a physical shop, however, we make use of word of mouth to gain customers. Due to the owner's skilled altering,many customers were very satisfied with the service and decided to support this business by introducing it to their family and friends.In addition, our clothes are sewed and altered using vintage sewing machine. As word spreads fast, gradually the business gained more customers and turn into this scale today.

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The altering process